Aerthrian Adventures

1. The Houndsmen

The Houndsmen gathered, the new recruits were ready Melich, Shauntay, Vorador , Mikhail, and Drogi-mar depart from the Caravan traveling from Pasra to Crishraw, a high road toward the village of Encrest is where they are to meet Therin Ladis, one of the Guilds Journeymen. The mission is an important one, hearing of the Dukes plans to destroy the Kydrok Monestary, your group was mustered to seek any refugees and bring them to safety.
Ascending the road, the hills become more treed and wild. Encrest lay many miles away from the main road hugging the edge of Falsoph Forest… a forest of tall trees, tangling ferns and a reputation for hideous monsters.

The Dukes men are expected to be hostile, so they are to be avoided if possible. Refugees from Kydrok are likely to be sylvan of sylvan-blooded, The Itarian’s have a hatred for their kind.
Trill traveled back towards Kydrok, a mixture of Sylvan and Human multiculturalism circling a White Monestery on the hillside before the northern tip of lake Angos.
The Sapherel’s part sylvan blooded family resided here for many generations, ensuring the balance between the Human and Syl-folk of the valley. She had started hunting and trading with the folk of Kydrok, getting to know a few of the villagers as well as young Kyan Sapherel.
Feeling like she was coming to terms with the community, something that her Forest-Sylvan caretakers knew little about, these Human social politics taking root to rule the very earth they stood upon.



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