Aerthrian Adventures

2. Falsoph Forest

Party: Trill Drogimar Mikhail Vorador Chai'dro Filger Kyan

The smell of Kydrok burning in the air, it was apparent to all that the Duke was laying waste to the Monastery. Trill joined with the Houndsmen recruits who were striving to help gather any refugees that fled the battle.
3 Goblins netted a small Varmint, The party killed the Goblins and Drogimar released the Varmint they named “Nam”.

A pair of Ogres, were encountered and during the melee, Therin was killed, leaving the Houndsmen recruits leaderless.
Chaidro came upon the fight and helped were he could, the group triumphed.

Trill set her goal to find Kyan, so some of the recruits decided to aid her.
Shauntay decided to head to Ofilk Keep to report Therin’s death, and Melich went his own way, unwilling to help any Sylvan blooded half-breed.

Eventually they came upon the campsite of Filger who had Kyan safe by the campfire.
Noted was Kyan’s amulet!
Vorador was then also uncovered as an agent of the Black Vipers.
The group then headed for Encrest, a small hamlet West of Falsoph Forest.

In Encrest, a wedding was being prepared for and the group headed for the Tavern where Vorador was to meet with Garron.
Garron had been murdered and his corps lay on the floor of his room.
Mikhail and Trill tracked the murderer to the stables, meeting the insidious Fallo.
Fallo warned the group that they should leave the town now and save their lives…

Heeding Fallo’s words the group left Encrest, by the morning they could see a column of smoke rising where Encrest had existed. No one was found alive in the hamlet.


Highlight of the night:

I remember Chai’dro’s entrance, thrashing out from the forest and Glowering with his pulsing veins in his neck.
Trying desperately to make a decent to-hit roll, but none was to be had.
The rest of the party was like “what the…???”

2. Falsoph Forest

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