Aerthrian Adventures

16. Deathtraps

Party: Trill Chaidro Yuri Isras

With Rogar still missing, the Party battles the “Risen Ones”, the Naga, and the Giant Hellgrammite (which in our last session, swallowed Chaidro, who was wearing the amulet from the statue).
The Naga curses at the Hellgrammite and vanishes out of thin air.
The Hellgrammite moves back into the hole it created in the temple floor and descends out of sight.
Behind the party, the Constructs guarding the chambers beyond have managed to deactivate the turnstone-trap which was keeping them from entering the fray.

With time pressing two more of the “Risen Ones” fall in battle and the party also make their escape, and make chase on the Hellgrammite’s trail…

Yuri and Isras endure the falling boulders from the collapsing tunnel and finally catch up with Trill.

Several hours of burrowed tunnels (rather difficult terrain) they find the exit of the tunnel into a large natural cave.
Trill finds the tracks of the Hellgrammite and they follow the trail further into more natural tunnels… (another 6 hours)
The party finally finds the heaped remains of the Hellgrammite’s hind-quarters, apparently sliced in half, they see that the upper half of the insect is missing.
They then engage a small party of Grimmlochs and a Carrion beast, but find no sign of Chaidro in the remains.
The battle-scene ends with the approach of a huge creature emerging from a tunnel…

The previous 15 chapters are in summary form because they were chapters of multiple sessions over the span of 3 years. Chapter 16 is the first post on Obsidian portal when this Campaign blog was created. Chapters 1-15 will be uploaded ASAP



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