Secretive wood dwellers? I think not.
Sylvans do have several things that the archetypical fantasy Elves have.
They have nocturnal vision, nothing better than a house-cat.
They have longer lifespans, double of the typical human.

Sylvans are SEA-dwellers in this world, though many have made their home on the land in old Reork, they do have a preference to the water.
Those who do stay inland, adopt a nomadic lifestyle, moving around from place to place.

What to expect when Playing a Sylvan:

Humans have been trying to kill your people for endless decades.
Ebysia is NOT a sanctuary for Sylvans, it is well known from all Sylvans who had escaped, the Ebysian Queen is an Evil tyrant.
Reork was the only Kingdom of Humans which held any sort of respect for your kind.
Don’t trust the Oerth.
Keep your distance from the Itarian humans, they will use their gunpowder in unconventional ways.
Also see Half-Sylvan


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