Oerth is in fantasy archetypes, a stocky Human-like bearded Dwarf. The Oerth cover the aspects of all short races in fantasy-speak, including the Hobbit/Halfling/Gnomes.

Oerth are shorter than most humans, yet wider and thicker. They come bearded and non-bearded (their women are not bearded).
They have limited underground vision spanning 30 feet.
They have roughly the same lifespan as a human.
They do not have any other special abilities, yet traits can be chosen to emulate your typical fantasy stock Dwarf.

Lets get this straight… the Oerth do not hate the Sylvan. They have been used by the Itarian Empire to protect the Empire’s Northern border.

Playing an Oerth

Expect the people of old Reork to eye you in suspicion, the Itarians will use your people for their own ends, and the Sylvans trust no-one so don’t expect any difference from them.
You are a proud rugged warrior race from the mountains. Your only real friend is a fellow Oerth… most of the time.


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