Introduction to Aerthria

Aerthria was a campaign I created in 1989, based on AD&D 2nd Edition Rules.
I re-imagined this world again in 2002 for NeverwinterNights and ran a successful server with several players in an ongoing DM’ed computer campaign.

I adapted this campaign for Iron Heroes 3.5 in 2010.

Aerthria is a human dominated world of several cultures.
Itarias is a human culture bent on the destruction of the Sylvan.
Reork is a defeated Kingdom that was somewhat co-operative with the demi-humans of the world, it is now known as the Brokenlands.
Vaskara is a wilderness region, its cold climate is suited to the Hobgoblins and other Goblinoid races.
Ebysia is an Island Kingdom ruled by the Sylvans.
The Ashpire Isles is an Isle region mixed with several cultures, the main Isle has been overtaken by Human colonists.
Escia is a human dominated region allied to the Itarians.
Oerthir is the Oerth dominated mountain region, the Oerth serve Itaria in a common dislike for the Sylvan race.

As a player, the world is most suited to a Human character.
You are allowed to play a Sylvan, Oerth, or Half-Sylvan, however you may have some problems fitting in with some cultures.

There are no Clerics or Druids.
There are no Orcs (or Half-orcs)

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Introduction to Aerthria

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