The Human race of Aerthria is divided into 3 Major cultures:


The Vaskar are hearty wilderness survivalists that live in clusters called Clans. Most Clans have permanently set up settlements on the coastline of Vaskara, these are easy to deal and trade with. There are also Vaskar that live in the mountainous regions that have gone “wild” and interact with the Hobgoblin population. These barbarians are rather large and fierce, and most practice cannibalism.


The Old Kingdom of Reork is no more, the survivors of the great Hobgoblin Horde, have endured hardships over recent years. The Itari sent their armies to “aid” in defeating the Hobgoblins, however the Itari have also stayed to subjugate the population. Reork is now known as the Brokenlands, dominated by Itarian Dukes. The recent purges of Sylvan and Half-sylvans has engaged the Old Reork loyalists, as they have viewed the Sylvans as a co-operative and amiable race throughout the ages past. There is talk that a rebellion against the Itarin Dukes may come very soon.


The Itarian Empire is a proud culture that has expanded through warfare against Ebysia.
They view humanity as the dominate race above all. However they tolerate the Oerth as the Oerth harbor a dislike for the Sylvan-kind.
The Itarian Emperor has empowered a sect of Arcanists known as the Dark Council to carry out the Emperors will.

Human Languages

Reork, Vaskar, Itari, Escian are the main human languages. The languages are too diverse to translate easily, so knowledge in several Human languages is needed to comprehend spoken and written speech.


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