Creating a Player Character

Step One
Contact the GM, Magnatude (Richard).
Make sure you are able to run the Fantasy Grounds 2 Client on your computer, as well as Skype.
You do not need to buy Fantasy Grounds 2, you only need the free DEMO version to play.

Let Richard know what times you can play at, include your Time-zone.

The current group is playing at 5pm-7pm (PST) Friday Nights. We have room for 1-2 more players but the character level is 5-7.
The NEW group for 2nd level has yet to be created, and its days and time are yet to be announced.

Step Two
Character Concept, figure out what you want to play. Don’t read up on the Classes in the Iron Heroes Handbook, Just write out what your character wants to be like, fighting style, how he fights, what his skill focus’ are…
Iron Heroes Classes are much different than traditional 3.5, and Each class can become so much different by selecting different traits and feats.

Step Three
If you get an acceptance, Join the Fantasy Grounds session and connect with Skype as well. Work together one-on-one with Richard to create the character, this may take 30-60 minutes.

Things to consider…

Humans are the best choice of race, they are everywhere, and accepted in all civilized regions of Aerthria. Playing Oerth, Sylvan may prove difficult at times, there are places you cannot go without being faced with conflict.
Half-Sylvans are probably a second best choice, they have good night vision, look like appealing humans in most respects (no pointy ears). The only thing physical that gives them away is their eyes at night, or in the darkness.


Experience points are assigned and depend on the challenge of the scenario in each session.
Tasks that are of equal challenge level will gain 1 point, harder ones get 2.
Iron Heroes allows players to come up with some interesting off-the-cuff uses of
Skill bonus or Ability bonus+Level+(1d20) vs Monster/Challenge roll
As long as the player has an entertaining Hollywood concept behind the trick he/she wants to accomplish, I allow the chance of it happening. This grants even more Experience per scenario.

Level Needed Total Points
1 0 0
2 10 10
3 20 30
4 30 60
5 40 100
6 50 150
7 60 210
8 70 280
9 80 360
10 90 450
11 100 550
12 110 660
13 120 780
14 130 910
15 140 1050
16 150 1200
17 160 1360
18 170 1530
19 180 1710
20 190 1900

Creating a Player Character

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