Large headed humanoid adorned with wispy white hair and beady fogged eyes. His nose is slightly orcish looking and his grin features his yellowed over-sized broad teeth. He looks quite thin in his gray but decorative robes, and his feet are quite over-sized for his body.

Skelgan adresses the guests:
“invited ones… you are here as honored guests on my behalf.”
“contrary to what Negamende believes this gathering’s purpose to be, you are here to consider a quest…”

Negamende hisses…
“Skelgan… your guests here are to celebrate the transcending of your body to my master, as it is part of the pact you made with him… is this some underhanded ploy???”

Skelgan chuckles a little to himself…
“Negamende… you think I would damned myself without a fight?”
" Ten days… I will succumb to the demonforce… lest one of you can retrieve my soul…."

SILENCE! calls Negamende… a magical force suspends over Skelgan… shimmering and impenetrable… Skelgans voice is silenced, and his figure obscured in his magical prison…
“You… you all best be the wiser… this treachery will not go unpunished, Skelgans deal is concluded in 10 days and you best prepare only for the celebration of my master’s transcendence… dare venture for Skelgans soul and you shall pay…”



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