Hit Points:54

Isras has the ability to make the best in combat when he is facing tremendous odds.
The more opponents, the better.
He may not be a one hit killer, but his whirlwind attack is meant to hurt many opponents at once.


Isras was born to the minor noble family of Gelhardt. The Gelhardt household were prosperous banner-men for Lord Hennican of Brinem. The Gelhardt’s were under the law and protection of Old Reork.
Isras has three siblings, an eldest brother Yen, and older sister Hume, and a younger brother Christoph.
As Isras grew he learned that arts of battle and household. He was an intellectually stimulated boy and many a time was found in the small Gelhardt library reading about the world and his favorite subject, the rare and arcane.
Isras’ father passed away when he was 15, leaving land, holdings and succession to his brother Yen. Yen’s arrogance and narcissistic ways soon alienated the family from Lord Hennican and drove the Gelhardt’s into depression and poverty.
It was also at this time, the Hobgoblin Hoards were being beaten back from the North, with the aid of the Itarian forces… cannons and gunpowder turned the tide…
However Lord Hennican was “replaced” by an Itarian Duke… Duke August Rembolk III
Their lands and holdings retained, the Gelhardt’s did not have sufficient coin to pay their servants, retainers and soldiers. The once proud family had fallen into dis-favor, their land and dwellings were in ruins, and they have been struggling for years to make ends meet.
It was rumored that the times, Itarian Nobles were not interested in supporting the Old regime of Reork…
When Isras came of age (18), Isras left home in search of one thing, anything arcane… information, materials, knowledge.
When Isras was 20 he became a member of the Faith of Murrdoan. Murrdoan is the God of Arcana and the Divine.
It has always been Isras dream to be able to harness powers of the arcane. Isras has a fanatical fascination with knowledge and items of the arcane.
Isras left his mountain Murrdoan monastery on a personal quest to attain power and wealth through the arcane and restore his family’s name.


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