Adrach Morgot

Hobgoblin Shaman (DEAD)


Adrach was the Shaman for the Hobgoblins under the command of King Brone. He dressed in civilized robes and spoke in fluent Vaskar and Reork.

“I know you have no reason to trust me”
“But there is a greater evil at hand that, if released, will destroy all of us.”
“Members of the Itarian Council will be coming here soon… they plan on being here for the opening of the vault that we uncovered recently… Brone has in his possession the artifact that your friend Kyan was carrying… it is part of the key to open the vault.”
“If you help me recover an item that would help me stop the Dark councils plans, I could ensure the release of Kyan to your custody… and your escape from this region.”

“You know the horde of our kind was duped into attacking reork, this arrangement was made by the Emperor of Itaria, promising us the land to our people… but we were double-crossed… so despite our arrangement with the giant-kind like Brone… we have no want to ally with backstabbing humans like the Itari.”

“Skelgan is a user of dark arcane power, your friend Drogimar knows Skelgan well, he was tutored by Skelgan… a few years ago, Stelgan left for the North, his dark powers consuming him… he needed to seclude himself…
But every full moon, Skelgan has a gathering… and I happen to have an invite…
In his castle, he has a staff of great power, this is the item I seek.”

“My plan is to travel to the castle, and you… and your friends will secure the staff for me… and Kyan is then free to leave in your company.”


Adrach apparently had a problem with King Brone and his arrangement with the “Dark Council”. He made a deal with Trill to help him secure the Black Staff in exchange for Kyan Sapherel who was one of Brone’s prisoners.
His ultimate goal was to destroy the Black Staff.

He traveled with Trill to Skelgan’s Castle with several hobgoblin bodyguards and endured a few encounters with the Party. For the most-part Adrach lets the party do the dirty work.

He died a tragic and painful death when the staff was given to him. Apparently the Staff has other plans.

Adrach Morgot

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