Aerthrian Adventures

17. Deeper in the Dark
Party: Trill Yuri Isras Chai'dro Eresias

Chai’dro had awaken to the sound of critters scurrying away after looting his body, slowly he started to become aware that he was no longer being digested.

Lucky for him, the Black Dragon armor protected him from the acidic stomach fluids of the Hellgrammite, coupled with his Demonic arm, which ensured that he would revive from his wounds.

Above him hung a poor prisoner, a man with a goatee dangled from manacles. The man was looking quite pleased that he had some company before meeting his fate as a light snack for the Cave Colossus that lingered nearby.

Trill, Yuri, and Isras kept on fighting, managing to hold off the Grimlochs, When the Colossus emerged from the mouth of the cave, somewhat disturbed by the racket outside of its abode.

The Grimlochs broke rank, there was no way they would want to tangle with such an opponent, however their tactics proved fatal as the party cut them down in their retreat.

The hanging man’s eyes glowed with a distinct arcane power, Chai’dro suddenly felt invigorated as he helped the man slip the Manacle chain off the wall-peg.
With a battle raging outside, Chai’dro made his move to strike at the Colossus from behind.
Chai’dro cursed, he had not fought with his remaining broken Glaive in some time, but his favored Bone mace was missing.
The Colosus turned and swung it club, pelting Chai’dro across the cave.

Trill, Yuri and Isras, watched as the monster reeled around at the attack from behind and tried using their ranged weapons to take it down, it seemed futile.

The man in manacles once again called upon the Entities to grant him more power… his back arched as he hung suspended in mid air by some invisible force. His eyes opened and glowed white as his chained hands expelled a fiery inferno… the ball of flame exploded on the giants face.

The Colossus wailed and ran…

The party re-grouped, they couldn’t believe Chai’dro survived being eaten.
Their new “friend” introduced himself as Eresias, a victim of an ill-fated adventuring party, he alone being the sole survivor.

Chai’dro no longer had the amulet, and looking at the entrails of the Hellgrammite’s remains, Trill ascertained that small barefoot humanoids made off with much of Chai’dro’s shiny loot, and snuck past the Giant many hours ago.

Following the trail for some time, the giant had also made its way down the cave, but was nowhere in sight, the little footprints were the focus of Trill’s tracking, hopefully they led to the Amulet they needed.

From an offshoot tunnel a hunched figure lying at the side of the cave groaned in pain…
Upon investigation, he was a merchant on his way to the city of Azen, tossed from his wagon as they fled a giant spider… his broken leg prevented him from pressing on.

A scream, a woman’s scream, came from the tunnel beyond… apparently the wagon wasn’t far.

The group enters a lair of spiders, a downwards funnel, at the bottom lay the remains of the wagon, 2 dead hobgoblin guards being pulled deeper into the webs. A bugbear guard fights desperately to survive, and a young woman in a cage, calls for help from the back of the trashed wagon… over a dozen spiders converge.

The battle rages slowly gaining control over the situation, until from behind, the mother of these spiderlings, arrives…

16. Deathtraps
Party: Trill Chaidro Yuri Isras

With Rogar still missing, the Party battles the “Risen Ones”, the Naga, and the Giant Hellgrammite (which in our last session, swallowed Chaidro, who was wearing the amulet from the statue).
The Naga curses at the Hellgrammite and vanishes out of thin air.
The Hellgrammite moves back into the hole it created in the temple floor and descends out of sight.
Behind the party, the Constructs guarding the chambers beyond have managed to deactivate the turnstone-trap which was keeping them from entering the fray.

With time pressing two more of the “Risen Ones” fall in battle and the party also make their escape, and make chase on the Hellgrammite’s trail…

Yuri and Isras endure the falling boulders from the collapsing tunnel and finally catch up with Trill.

Several hours of burrowed tunnels (rather difficult terrain) they find the exit of the tunnel into a large natural cave.
Trill finds the tracks of the Hellgrammite and they follow the trail further into more natural tunnels… (another 6 hours)
The party finally finds the heaped remains of the Hellgrammite’s hind-quarters, apparently sliced in half, they see that the upper half of the insect is missing.
They then engage a small party of Grimmlochs and a Carrion beast, but find no sign of Chaidro in the remains.
The battle-scene ends with the approach of a huge creature emerging from a tunnel…

The previous 15 chapters are in summary form because they were chapters of multiple sessions over the span of 3 years. Chapter 16 is the first post on Obsidian portal when this Campaign blog was created. Chapters 1-15 will be uploaded ASAP
2. Falsoph Forest
Party: Trill Drogimar Mikhail Vorador Chai'dro Filger Kyan

The smell of Kydrok burning in the air, it was apparent to all that the Duke was laying waste to the Monastery. Trill joined with the Houndsmen recruits who were striving to help gather any refugees that fled the battle.
3 Goblins netted a small Varmint, The party killed the Goblins and Drogimar released the Varmint they named “Nam”.

A pair of Ogres, were encountered and during the melee, Therin was killed, leaving the Houndsmen recruits leaderless.
Chaidro came upon the fight and helped were he could, the group triumphed.

Trill set her goal to find Kyan, so some of the recruits decided to aid her.
Shauntay decided to head to Ofilk Keep to report Therin’s death, and Melich went his own way, unwilling to help any Sylvan blooded half-breed.

Eventually they came upon the campsite of Filger who had Kyan safe by the campfire.
Noted was Kyan’s amulet!
Vorador was then also uncovered as an agent of the Black Vipers.
The group then headed for Encrest, a small hamlet West of Falsoph Forest.

In Encrest, a wedding was being prepared for and the group headed for the Tavern where Vorador was to meet with Garron.
Garron had been murdered and his corps lay on the floor of his room.
Mikhail and Trill tracked the murderer to the stables, meeting the insidious Fallo.
Fallo warned the group that they should leave the town now and save their lives…

Heeding Fallo’s words the group left Encrest, by the morning they could see a column of smoke rising where Encrest had existed. No one was found alive in the hamlet.

1. The Houndsmen

The Houndsmen gathered, the new recruits were ready Melich, Shauntay, Vorador , Mikhail, and Drogi-mar depart from the Caravan traveling from Pasra to Crishraw, a high road toward the village of Encrest is where they are to meet Therin Ladis, one of the Guilds Journeymen. The mission is an important one, hearing of the Dukes plans to destroy the Kydrok Monestary, your group was mustered to seek any refugees and bring them to safety.
Ascending the road, the hills become more treed and wild. Encrest lay many miles away from the main road hugging the edge of Falsoph Forest… a forest of tall trees, tangling ferns and a reputation for hideous monsters.

The Dukes men are expected to be hostile, so they are to be avoided if possible. Refugees from Kydrok are likely to be sylvan of sylvan-blooded, The Itarian’s have a hatred for their kind.
Trill traveled back towards Kydrok, a mixture of Sylvan and Human multiculturalism circling a White Monestery on the hillside before the northern tip of lake Angos.
The Sapherel’s part sylvan blooded family resided here for many generations, ensuring the balance between the Human and Syl-folk of the valley. She had started hunting and trading with the folk of Kydrok, getting to know a few of the villagers as well as young Kyan Sapherel.
Feeling like she was coming to terms with the community, something that her Forest-Sylvan caretakers knew little about, these Human social politics taking root to rule the very earth they stood upon.


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