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After editing hours and hours of getting this site looking great, Obsidian pulls this crap and flushes my CSS down the toilet.
So what I’m left with is one ugly site that you see before you.
Isn’t this wonderful?
And guess what… as a bonus they expect ME to fix this, as if my time to do all this is free to their disposal. Isn’t that great?
Not only do I pay for my site here, I also have to pay with even more of my time to fix what THEY messed up.
I would like to get out of my remainder of the year that I purchased. You can keep the last month and this month, but give me back the money I paid for the rest of my year.
I’m not going to deal with this mess with any more of my time.

3 years of gaming is being condensed into a summary format for the Adventure logs.
I finally decided to use Obsidian Portal to upload all of my campaign, due to the fact that it was a little hard to introduce new players into the campaign, and explain each time what exactly was going on in the history of this game… THIS was my solution.

Although it is still a little scattered, once I fill in the Wiki a bit more, all of the NPC’s should come together. The finishing on the Adventure logs should tie things together into a comprehensible Epic that most people should enjoy.

It will also be nice for the players to be able to recall bits of the Adventure and the people they had met, they have been through so much that its hard to remember everyone.

Start with the Adventure logs (when they are completed, the only log up is the latest adventure)
Then cozy up to the Introduction to Aerthria, so you can understand the situation in the Brokenlands, which is the starting point for all of my players.

Friday Night Iron Heroes Group Meets at 5pm-7pm Pacific. People who are interested in observing one of our sessions are more than welcome to join in, Just message me here.
New Group of Heroes will be starting off as 2nd Level, This session will either be on Monday or Wednesday 5pm-7pm Pacific, Interested in playing? Please contact me here

Aerthrian Adventures

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